Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Discovery to obedient toward Allah

First Chapter

My discovery started when I was 5 years old . That time in 60's Islam is not practise wisely yet.My father and mother busy working to raise me and my siblings and they just do not focus on giving us Islamic teaching. Maybe they also at that time do not have deep knowledge about being a  good muslim. My curiosity about Islam first occurs when I saw  of my friends went to my neighbour house to learn Al Quran. I then asked my mother to go my neighbours house to ask their permission so that I can also learn Al Quran  too . She then went to my neighbour telling her that I also want to learn Al Quran .I am so happy that I amalso  able to learn Quran with my friends It's quite fun to go and learn Al Quran with my neighbour since before she and her husband teach us Al Quran we have to do a few house work such taking water from well , cut  and clean banana leave since they are making "kueh pelita "to be sell the next day . We call them guru mengaji. they are my first Guru Mengaji.May Allah bless them .Aamiin.I just can't remember how long I learn Al Quran with my first guru Quran here because what I remember I went a few other guru Quran before I am twelve years old. I'm  a type of person that do not like fierce person.Sometimes I feel they ignored me and being bias. Not sure it is just my feeling or for the  truth.Pitty my mother and father that they have to look for other guru mengaji because I am relectent to continue with that particular guru mengaji .May Allah grant my mother and father Jannah.Aamiin 

My next discovery to obedeint towards Allah is learning how to pray I am very curious whhen I saw my friends father call them back everytime Azan was recite from the mosque. They said it's time to pray. I',m asking myself why they pray but why I''m not. This is very unfair since I am also a muslim Then I ask my father to to teach me how to pray . He then bought a book teaching how to pray. That time I was 11 years old . I had never missed my prayer since that time. When I was in secondary schoold I went to evening section class . I was at school during Zuhur and Asar . I feel bad that I will miss my prayer . I went out during class and went to empty class to perform my prayer . That time we do not have Surau at school as now . 

Another things about be a good muslim is that about wearing a scaaft for women . I just wonder how I got the idea of covering my head at that time.I will  Our of school everytime I went out I will cover my hair with scaft or a big shawl where Kelatan people call kain batik lepas I'm  feeling it's being it's is sins as muslim women not  to cover our head.Feel so sad that I have to go school wearing skirts and without covering head. What to do that's the rule at that time. I really admire one of the student at my schoold fighting with the schoold so that his daughter can wear kurung instead of skirts.When I went to form four I was so happy that we girls are allowed to wear kurung and scarfs.

To be continue

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